Massage Therapy

Massage therapy facilitates healing of the body’s soft tissues. People of all ages and stages can benefit from a massage.

We believe that consistent massage treatments can help restore the health and balance of our bodies after anything life throws at us. Muscle sprains, repetitive motion conditions, sports injuries, motor vehicle accidents and emotional stress can all be supported through massage. We can help!


Did you know that the benefits of massage for adults is also possible for your precious little one, too? Infant Massage is a great way to introduce healthy touch, and body awareness to your baby; It’s a wonderful way to empower yourself as a parent and to create an opportunity for a beautiful bonding activity together. Infant Massage can help with sleep patterns, digestion and nutrient absorption, teething and improved immune function and many more childhood development stages. Here at Healthy Families you can learn how to do this yourself or schedule a hands on session for you and your newest babe in arms.

Perinatal - Maternity

Throughout the journey of pregnancy the body transitions through many postural and hormonal changes. Massage is one of the best ways to support yourself through this special time. There are many benefits of pre and post natal massage , from relaxation, decrease in pain symptoms, improved immune function and increase in circulation. Regular treatments throughout your pregnancy are safe at all stages and can greatly improve the experience, helping you feel emotionally and physically supported as baby grows.