Amy Graf DC

It is such a privilege to care for mom and her family. Supporting growing families brings me so much joy! Healthy Families births happier, healthier pregnancies, better postpartum experiences, and healthier kids. Too often I am seeing depleted parents who are exhausted, in pain, kids are constantly sick, and no one is sleeping well. Our quality time within our communities is suffering; mom and dad are stressed out and more isolated than ever before. This is a difficult environment to parent our little ones from.

Chiropractic care is for the whole family, especially our kids; they love to be adjusted! The adjustment nurtures our body’s natural ability to heal. It is my dream to see every newborn get adjusted as healthy babies contribute to happy families.

I love treating the whole family and therefore have a broad range of adjusting techniques varying from low-force instrument assisted to gentle manual manipulation.

My qualifications are constantly growing and evolving with the most current practices;

  • Doctorate of Chiropractic — Women and Family Focused Practice
  • Bachelor of Kinesiology with a major in Leadership in Pedagogy
  • Webster Technique Certified
  • Certified BIRTHFIT Professional

I would love to be your family’s Chiropractor!

Dr. Amy Graf who I have been seeing for Chiro has been incredible. I didn’t think one person could know so much about the structure of the human body. She’s helped me so much and I’m so thankful that I’ve been able to see her. She’s wonderfully kind and her course of treatment truly is what your body needs.

Sam (expecting her first)

We love Dr. Amy! She is so great with our girls. She has helped immensely with getting one of my girls to poop and the other to sleep more soundly.

Tara (mom of twins)

When I started seeing Dr. Amy I had been seeing another care provider for my pelvic floor pain from my first. She explained that if I wasn’t seeing results within 4-6 visits that I needed to try something new. We started Chiropractic care regularly and she referred me to another therapist that she trusted. Together they helped eliminate my pain.

Katie (mom of 1, expecting #2)

My husband and I had been struggling with fertility for about a year, Dr. Amy was so supportive. She kept my body feeling really good and was there for me through each loss. Dr. Amy feels like part of our family! When we finally got pregnant she took such great care of me and gave me so much confidence that my body knew exactly how to take care of me in my delivery.

Michelle (mom of 1)

I had been seeing a chiropractor for my hip pain for almost a year when I started seeing Dr. Amy. She took a very thorough exam and decided something didn’t seem right. She referred me to my doctor and sent me for imaging. After some testing, it was discovered that I had a uterine tumor. Dr. Amy didn’t just treat my pain, she found the cause of it. I am good as new after my surgery and I still see Dr. Amy for consistent care.

Debbie (a mother and grandmother)

We love doctor Amy so much! I have sent my whole family to see her. My sisters, my kids and my aunt see her now and we all love her.

Lisa (mom of 2)

I recently saw Dr. Amy for a chiro treatment and she is one of the best chiropractors I’ve ever been to! I felt nervous going in as it had been awhile since I had any treatment done. She was able to make me feel at ease and walked me through each adjustment as she did them. Dr. Amy is very friendly and very knowledgeable. I’m so happy with how my treatment went and I’m looking forward to my next visit with her.


Dr Amy is an amazing Chiroprator.  Her kindness, understanding and desire to listen to and understand the root of your issue is second to none.  Those that have a fear of seeing a chiropractor should seek out Dr  Amy.  She will ensure you feel comfortable throughout and talk you through it all. I would encourage you to see her!

Joanne (mom of 3, grandmother to 1)

Dr. Amy helped relieve my colicky baby.

Tanya (mom of 1)