Madison Baile DC

My aspiration revolves around creating a thriving community where proactive care takes center stage, ensuring optimal well-being. From the crucial stages of preconception and pregnancy through the subsequent years, I firmly believe that optimizing the nervous system is pivotal for growth and development.

My previous work in Nova Scotia was dedicated to assisting pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, along with their babies, in overcoming challenges related to tongue ties and latch issues. I'm committed to carrying forward this focus on prenatal and pediatric care as I establish my practice in Calgary. Whether you're seeking wellness check-ups for your newborn or dealing with breastfeeding or gas-related concerns, my aim is to enhance your family’s quality of life.

My current and growing list of qualifications include;

  • Doctor of Chiropractic – Prenatal and Pediatric Focused
  • Webster Technique
  • Pediatric Intraoral Palate Specific (PIPS) Technique (Infant TMJD, tongue tie and lip tie)
  • Thompson Technique
  • Activator
  • GrowCo Postnatal Rehab

Together, let's embark on this journey towards well-being and vitality!