Sarah Glass RMT

My approach to the body is not only with confidence in my formal education as a therapist yet also with trust in an instinct that is as old as humanity. Touch. Graduating in July 2012 with a Diploma in Massage Therapy with honors, I've been in practice for a bit over 8 years now, and safe to say I still LOVE what I do! I believe massage to be an integral part of overall well-being in all aspects. Massage can be beneficial for humans of all ages! I find great joy in helping my patients advance themselves towards whatever it may be that your current goals are and working towards that with your team. I approach each treatment both as a stand alone being present and holding space for you as you come in the moment, as well as working on the larger plan towards this goal. I guess you could say in a way I like to work simultaneously on the micro and macro scale, we all know how ripples move! Over the years of learning and refining my hands- on skills I have continued to gain tools that also support a more balanced and wholistic life which I am continuously revisiting myself and lovingly reminding you of your OWN capability to try and embrace new things too! I truly believe you, your body, your mind, knows what's best for you, listening intently and lovingly, you can learn to hear better thus taking action to support better! Our bodies are truly AMAZING! I LOVE to help you break things down to small steps in order to help you achieve long lasting, positive, and sustainable results. What’s that saying-slow and steady wins the race? ;P I am simply a human striving for what's best for me, my community and openly welcoming those who are hungry to learn more about their body, how it integrates so much for us and support it more fully!

Certified in Dynamic cupping- using silicone cups to create suction on an isolated area of tissue, thus creating space and allowing for blood flow and increased movement of tissues. Cupping has its origins with Traditional Chinese Medicine which uses an open flame to consume the oxygen in a glass cup creating the suction-which is then placed on the skin. Dynamic or Silicone cupping obtains similar results, warming of the tissue due to an increase of blood flow. The most standout aspect of this treatment if unfamiliar is the presence of circular "hickies"- almost bruise like in appearance, which arises from blood coming to the more superficial layers. These markings can be tender to touch, however are not truly a bruise! Cupping is not always necessary and if I feel the tissue is in the state of being a good candidate for it then it will be applied as long as the patients consents!